The Reel
HSN It's Fun Here 2.0/Redesign

HSN's 2015 refresh enhances the whimsical, unique and fun attitude the retail net adopted in the rebrand of 2013. The main objective was to immerse the viewer/user in a 360 experience of shopping online, via television and on digital. With the focus on creating a strong HSN identity (versus a celebrity driven strategy), the refresh allows for all B2C brands to breathe under this versatile banner, while the network brand engages through branded content shows and a signature style. #nailedit

This brand spanking new On Air Graphics redo, fashions a canvas of color and textures, that help anchor the messaging, highlighting high profile sales events to customers, disruptive packages and IDs. Channelling a cheeky voice through cutesy copy, punctuated with trend-savvy typography and animation, the objective was to be unashamedly clean yet "fun"-ctional!